Thank you for your interest in becoming a CRANKED NUTRITION store owner. You have taken the first step in becoming a part of one of Canada's fastest growing retailers in supplements, vitamins and nutrition. By considering joining a major industry which shows consistent growth, and CRANKED is helping lead the way. Due to large demand, we have began franchising this unique company.

This consumer driven industry and they have gained the knowledge to realize how important supplementing with nutritional products has become. Billions of dollars each year are spent in Canada alone with 37 billion spent in the United States. With customer service being being a main priority and pricing fair. By offering a great selection with amazing pricing we make sure our customers leave any of our CRANKED locations feeling confident they choose to spend there hard owned money with us.
If we are lucky enough to have you as a member of CRANKED nutrition our number one priority is to see you succeed and prosper in your new business. With a one of the lowest franchise fee agreements in the industry we put our franchisees needs first and support your business as we all grow together.


START-UP to support you with finding a store location, leasing negotiations, construction support, and grand opening marketing support. In store training for owners and staff and training manuals.

MARKETING and advertising benefits that go along with being part of a company which has ten of business built in. With instant brand reconization associated with being part of the CRANKED organization.

TERRITORIAL RIGHTS which would be exclusive to you and your CRANKED location to prosper.

 SUPPORT by being a part of the CRANKED nutrition family we will ensure that no questions go unanswered any time of day.  Our main objective to ensure your new business takes its role as a market leader.

If you have the drive, aspirations, and desire to control your independent future, please contact for more information. All information will be kept strictly confidential. All applicants will go through an application process to determine they meet the credentials to become a new store owner